DUNS (Dunn and Bradstreet number) A nine digit identification number for a business that is needed to apply for Federal grants. The Oxfendazole Development Group has obtained its own DUNS number, 080354164. https://www.dandb.com/dunsnumberlookup/

FWA (Federal Wide Assurance) A number related to assurance of the protection of human subjects in a clinical study.  The Oxfendazole Development Group obtained its FWA after demonstrating that we have engaged the services of an external Institutional Review Board (IRB).  ODG’s FWA is: FWA00024491 https://ohrp.cit.nih.gov/search/fwasearch.aspx?styp=bsc

FCOI (Financial Conflict of Interest) Assurance that the Oxfendazole Development Group has a conflict of interest of policy that is in compliance with Federal Public Health Service regulations. The Oxfendazole Development Group has been certified as compliant. http://thefdp.org/default/fcoi-clearinghouse/compliant-entities/institutional-certification-detail/?id=3144